Camp Provides Picture of Railroad for Visually Impaired Children

Posted by the Union Pacific on September 4, 2015.

With the help of his aide, six-year-old Rocco inches closer to the edge of the tracks at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City.

He smells a faint whiff of diesel fuel from the train that arrived moments ago. He reaches out – the tips of his fingers make contact with a cold, massive expanse of gritty steel. He carefully brushes his fingers across the surface to feel the bolts, rivets and welding seams that hold the monster together.

Rocco is experiencing a train for the first time thanks to the summer camp program at the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.

The foundation is one of the few organizations in the Las Vegas area that caters to the visually impaired, and it’s the only organization that has programs specifically designed for children. The Union Pacific Foundation has donated over $17,000 to the organization since 2013.

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