Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Receives Funding for Expansions and Improvements

Nevada State Museums to Receive $38 Million Dollars

After the passage of the Capital Improvement Bill, AB 1, The Nevada State Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs was allocated budget for projects throughout the state’s network of museums and archival storage facilities. The CIP bill passed by the Special Session of the Nevada State Legislature will grant over $38 million for the projects.   

“This is wonderful news and we’re grateful for the work of the Legislature and Governor for this funding,” said Myron Freedman, Department of Museums and History Administrator. “This provides essential support to our mission as stewards of our State’s historical artifacts, as well as expanding the reach for our constituents to access our shared history through exhibits and programming.” 

The projects in AB1 Bill include improvements to the Nevada State Museum network to improve our systems to maintain archival documents and artifacts, an $8.5 million dollar investment in the East Ely Depot Museum for seismic retrofit and overhaul of the Freight Building into a community center, and a $23 million dollar investment to expand the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City, building a modern Visitor Center and museum.  

East Ely Railroad Depot MuseumDepot Building Foundation Stabilization $      821,347
East Ely Railroad Depot MuseumRemodel Freight Barn$   7,704,288
Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder CityVisitor’s Center $ 23,309,936
Nevada State Museum, Carson CityLife Safety, Security and Lighting Replacement$   1,401,255
Nevada Historical Society Upgrade Security, Fire and Life Safety, and Electrical Systems $   1,919,083
Nevada Historical Society Building Seismic Retrofit and Envelope Maintenance $   1,434,832
Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas Repair Freight Elevator $      143,017
Marjorie Russell Clothing and Textile Research Center Upgrade Heating and Air Conditioning$      269,066
Indian Hills Curatorial Center HVAC Systems Renovation$   1,066,071
Total $ 38,068,895