Seeing a Train With My Other Senses in Boulder City

Sydney Martinez of Travel Nevada, June 2015.

Traveling the extraordinary state of Nevada on the regular, it should come as no surprise to me that things aren’t always what the seem…should, being the key word there. But, every now and again, just when you think you’ve got this expansive wonderland pegged, it creeps in, making you appreciate it in ways that you never imagined possible.

It was a blazingly hot June morning in Boulder City and with an irregular interest in trains I made my way to the Nevada State Railroad Museum. At first glance, the museum appeared to be a few trains under an overhang, but oooooh buddy. If visitors only knew what spectacular exhibits were in store at this place with one unassuming glance from the road, they wouldn't be able to keep the masses out of here.

The entire place was simply remarkable…to me, the best in the West. An intimate, easy-to-manage setting, immaculately restored locomotives, friendly staff, you name it…the whole thing was just aces. I was there early in the morning before the real heat set in, and lucky for me I had the whole place to myself. Stunned by these larger-than-life hunks of steel, I maneuvered around each gargantuan locomotive, in awe of the impeccable attention to detail effortlessly executed with each exhibit.

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